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Cover3 Jen Jen 千喜纤

RM 150
Jen&Jen What is Jen & Jen? 🥑🥝🍓🍌🍊 Cover3 V6 Jen&Jen is a high quality product formulated in Japan using sophisticated biotechnology. It is a product contains 5 color fiber (black, red , green, white, yellow), 3 billion lactospore, and mix enzymes. Cover3 V6 Jen&Jen helps to stimulate the growth of probiotics in our gastrointestinal tract. Increasing intake of probiotics will improve the natural immune response and healthy digestive system. Good bacteria inhibit the intestine against the proliferation of bad bacteria that can cause diseases. Cover3 V6 Jen&Jen contains mix enzymes : amylase, protease, lipase, lactase, cellulose. These enzymes help to digest the foods like carbohydrate, protein, fat, milk products and digestive fiber. Cover3 V6 Jen&Jen include 5 colors fiber: MAQUI (black), DRAGONFRUIT (red), KIWI (GREEN), SOURSOP (white), PEACH (yellow). 千喜纤 什么是千喜纤? Cover3 V6千喜纤是一种高品质的产品,由日本利用先进的生物技术制定。这是一个含有5色纤维(黑色,红色,绿色,白色,黄色),3亿活性良菌及酵素的产品。 Cover3 V6千喜纤有助于刺激胃肠道里的活性良菌的生长。越多的活性良菌摄入量将提高自然免疫反应和健康的消化系统。活性良菌的生长可以不让不良的细菌的增殖,减少肠道疾病。